Welcome to the Alert Driving School Testing Services page.  Whether you completed driver’s ed with us, a secondary school, parent taught/online or did not complete driver’s ed we have a testing package for you.  Below you may choose a test only, a 60 or 90 minute practice drive (practice test) with the state road test (driver’s license test) or a two hour lesson and a test at DPS for those who did not complete driver’s ed.  

  • Are You Ready To Schedule Your Drive Test?

        • Have You Completed Alert Driving School, Another DPS Certified Commercial Driver’s Ed Course or a Public School Driver’s Ed Program? (10 hours classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel)
        • NOTE: NOW we can Test Parent Taught/Online Driver’s Ed Students

    This Is HOW To Schedule Your Drive Test

    • First, complete the form below. (Student must be 16 years old and their permit must be at least 6 months old). If the student is 18 or older the permit is only required to be 30 days from issue date to test date. In other words, look at the permit and find “issue date.” Add 6 months or 30 days if the student is 18 or over. That is the first day your student is qualified to take the Drive Test.
    • If your permit IS NOT the original (replacement) or IF YOU HAVE received a moving violation (speeding ticket, collision etc…) during the time you’ve had your permit, you are required to call DPS at 405-425-2020 to determine the first day you are eligible to take your driver’s license test. That is the date you will enter in the field below “Date You Desire To Test.”


    • >>>NOTE: The form below MUST be completed correctly for your test to be successfully scheduled. Every field with a red * must be completed as well as both boxes checked on the “Driver’s License Test Scheduling Agreement.” The test will be considered tentatively scheduled once you receive email confirmation that your application was successfully received.<<<<
    • Second, We are testing in Stillwater, Ponca City, Perry, Enid, Woodward and Oklahoma City. Please keep in mind the day/time you desire may already be booked. In that case we will do everything possible to get you taken care of just as soon as possible. The earlier you complete the above form the more likely we can accommodate you.

      WE WILL NOT confirm an exact prep AND/OR  test time until the evening before the test.

    Here Is What Is Required On Test Day <<<<<

    • Student MUST have their Permit with them at the time of test (FAILURE TO HAVE THE PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION WILL PREVENT YOU FROM TESTING – photocopies, pictures of or any other facsimile is NOT ACCEPTABLE BY DPS RULE).
    • Student must have their ALERT DRIVING SCHOOL (or another DPS Certified commercial driver’s ed school) Certificate of Completion (looks like a diploma and is a different document than the Alert Driving School Contract). If your student attended drivers ed at a secondary school in OK their Certificate of Completion may be a “green card.”
    • NEW: After a successful test we will enter their test score and print paperwork. A Parent or Legal Guardian must be present at conclusion of a successful test to sign paperwork or the student must be in possession of the Affidavit of Driver Training.   In this case, it must be filled out by Parent or Guardian and Student and notarized. It is available to be printed out here: Affidavit of Driver Training (50 Hour)
    • The final step is to go to ANY Tag Agency with the paperwork we give you to receive your license. The Tag Agency will collect $20.00 (if you have failed a previous state road test the Tag Agency will collect an additional $4 per failed test).
    • Additionally, when we enter the score into the DPS website it may inform us that you are required to go to DPS prior to the Tag Agency. In most cases this is limited to people with certain type of immigration status.  We cannot determine this until the test is successfully completed. Also, there are rare exceptions when the DPS website is not functioning. We cannot control this or any other situation where DPS requires someone to go to DPS for processing. These situations are rare and occur to about 1% of our customers.

  • GDL requirements to take the driving test with Alert Driving School

    Student must meet the following requirements:

    • Drive Test Only (this does not involve a written test)
    • Have permit with issue date at least 6 months prior to test date or until 18 years old. If over 18, must have permit over 30 days
    • Be 16 years of age or older
    • Have all fees paid in full
    • Have Certificate of Completion of Driver Education Course (if under 18)
    • Have 1 primary ID (see pg. 1-1 of Oklahoma Driver’s ManualPermit Qualifies
    • Have 1 secondary ID (see pg. 1-2 of Oklahoma Driver’s ManualSocial Security Card Qualifies
    • Have a notarized Parent Affidavit (allows student to test without parent present). Student must have driven minimum 50 hours (10 at night) of behind the wheel training from a licensed driver 21 years old or older (with at least 2 years driving experience).
    • Use of cell phones or any electronic devices is not permitted
    • Driver with Intermediate Driver’s License may solo drive only between 5 AM and 10 PM (EXCEPTIONS: School, Church, Work or if Licensed Driver 21 or older is in the front seat). IDL driver may carry more than one passenger if all live in driver’s home or any passenger if accompanied by Licensed Driver at least 21 or over in the front seat. Once student has satisfied the 6 month restriction, student must go to a Tag Agency to change from IDL to DL.
    • Any violation of above restrictions will cause student to maintain Intermediate DL for 6 months from the date of violation
    • Note: The Tag Agency will collect a $20 License Fee