To Have Your Written Test Waived

  • Complete Alert Driving School Course (10 hours classroom & 6 hours behind the wheel)
  • Students may start class on their 15th birthday (see Teen FAQs for details)

Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) Requirements for Your Learner’s Permit

  • Must be 15 ½ years of age or older (must hold Learner’s Permit for 6 months or 30 days if 18 or over)
  • Must show your CONTRACT from Alert Driving School after completing class
  • Have 1 primary ID (see pg. 1-1 of Oklahoma Driver’s ManualOriginal Birth Certificate or Passport Is Most Common
  • Have 1 secondary ID (see pg. 1-2 of Oklahoma Driver’s ManualSocial Security Card Is Most Common
  • Have Social Security card or know the number
  • Have School Letter (includes proof of enrollment in school and a passing grade on 8th Grade Reading Test). If you are Home Schooled you will need to take an 8th Grade Reading Test (we can administer it for you) and Documentation (Affidavit) of Home School.
  • >>>>We call this the GOLDEN TICKET: get your PERMIT WITHOUT TAKING THE WRITTEN TEST by completing our Driver’s Ed Program before obtaining your permit. Or you may choose to take the written test of 20 questions, 75% required to pass (Must get 15 out of 20 correct)
  • Licensed Driver age 21 or over with at least 2 years driving experience must be in the front seat (restriction “9” on L.P), if a Restriction 9 driver is at fault in an accident or receives a ticket, your 6 month probation starts over from the date of the violation; additionally restriction 9 drivers are valid to drive between the hours of 5 AM to 10 PM only.
  • Parent or legal guardian must accompany applicant to sign authorization certification forms required by law. This is you giving your student permission to pursue their license and the state taking your child’s finger prints.
    • NEW OPTION: A Parent or Legal Guardian may now choose to print this PARENT AUTHORIZATION TO OBTAIN DRIVER LICENSE. Next, complete it in front of a Notary to allow someone else take your student to DPS on your behalf to process the paperwork for your student to obtain their Permit.
  • Use of cell phones or any electronic devices is not permitted
  • Not required for applicants 18 & older, however, if you do get a permit you must have it a minimum of 30 days
  • Note:The Tag Agency will collect a $37.50 license fee (plus $4 for each test failure)