Driver ImprovementDriver Improvement/Defensive Driving

Driver Improvement Class is available for $50 cash or online (checks are not accepted, company/organization/government agency checks are accepted if pre-approved).  We offer the class the 2nd Saturday of every month and starting in November the last Wednesday & Thursday of each month (October the 24 & 26 is the last Tuesday & Thursday). 

We are located at 4522 NW 50th in Putnam Plaza (next to Putnam City Original High School and across from Dolese Youth Park).

  • Upcoming Classes
    • October 24 & 26
    • November 11 or 29 & 30
    • December 9 or 27 & 28
    • January 13 or 24 & 25
    • February 10 or 21 & 22
    • March 10 or 28 & 29
    • April 14 or 25 & 26
    • May 12 or 30 & 31
    • June 9 or 27 & 28
  • Class time is 8 AM – 2 PM the 2nd Saturday of every month OR 6-9 PM the last Wednesday & Thursday of each month (both evenings are required to complete the required 6 hours). No one will be admitted if more than 15 minutes past the scheduled starting time.
  • To Register/Reserve your spot in class text your name and your class date of choice to 405-948-7000. Indicate if you will pay $50 cash when you come to class or if you are paying online.
  • Who needs to attend our Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving Class?
    • Do you need Point Reduction due to a ticket or collision (Ticket Dismissal)?
    • Has a Court or Judge required you to take it (Driver’s License Suspension)?
    • Would you simply like to learn to be a safer driver and receive an Insurance Discount?
  • If you pay online print the receipt and bring it or show the instructor the receipt on your phone when you arrive for class.
  • What Do You Need To Bring With You To Class?
    • Your Driver’s License or Driver’s License Number
    • For Ticket Dismissal Bring Your Ticket Or Citation Number (if available)
    • Drinks Are Available For 50 cents, Bring Your Own Lunch/Snacks Or You Can Go To A Nearby Store During Breaks.

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