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Due to overwhelming response we have added a 3rd Driver’s Ed Class this month. With the Summer Schedule almost upon us, we will have 2 weekend classes and 1 weekday class in May, June & July. Click on the Driver’s Ed Sign Up Button below for class dates and details.

Now when you take your driver’s license test with us you* can go directly to the Tag Agency to obtain your license…BYPASS DPS and their LONG LINES! CLICK HERE to sign up for Driver’s Ed or the Driver’s License Test.

Did You Know?

All students receive personalized, individual attention from state certified instructors. Alert Driving School (ADS) has 8 Driver’s Ed instructors, 5 Designated Driver’s License Examiners and fleet of 8 driver training cars which allows more flexible availability to students. At Alert we train students 7 days a week all year long. We offer driving instruction during the day, in the evenings, on weekends and during school breaks assuring that virtually all training can be done without missing school, work or faith activities. We treat students like a member of our family and view these courses as a means of ensuring their safety, not just fulfilling a requirement.